Portent AM-106 - History

Portent AM-106 - History

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(AM-106: dp. 1,250 (f.); 1. 221'2"; b. 32', dr. 10'; s. 18 k.
cpl. 105; a. 1 3", 2 40mm., 2 det., 5 dcp.; cl. A?`k)

Portent (AM-106), a minesweeper, was laid down 15 No

vember 1941 by the Pennsylvania Shipyard, Inc., Beaumont, Texas; launched 16 August 1942, sponsored by Mrs. Arthur L. Kline, Jr.; and commissioned 3 April 1943, Lt. Howard C. Plummer in command.

Portent sailed via Algiers, La., and Key West, Fla., to

New York City to join a convoy to Casablanca and various North African ports 14 May 1943. From May to November she escorted convoys between New York Gity and Casablanca, Morocco. Assigned to a convoy entering the Mediterranean, she anchored outside Oran, Algeria 22 November.

Deployed to Italy, she arrived at Napies 19 December.

Assigned to the invasion of Anzio, Italy, Portent struck a mine
while patroling near the Italian coast, and sank 22 January 1944. Nearby ships rescued survivors.

Portent received one battle star for World War II service.


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