USS Meyer (DD-279)

USS Meyer (DD-279)

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USS Meyer (DD-279)

USS Meyer (DD-279) was a Clemson class destroyer that served with the Pacific Fleet during the 1920s before being scrapped because of badly worn boilers.

The Meyer was named after George von Lengerke Meyer, Secretary of the Navy under President Taft from 1909.

The Meyer was laid down on 6 February 1919 at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co, of Squantum, Mass. She was launched on 18 July 1919 and was sponsored by Meyer’s daughter Mrs C. R. P. Rodgers. She was commissioned on 17 December 1919 and allocated to the Pacific Fleet.

The Meyer served with the Pacific Fleet until 1929. In most years her life followed a fairly set pattern. Early in the year the fleet would take part in the annual Fleet Problem, which some years took it to the Caribbean or Hawaii. This was often followed by a refit or overhaul, then by a period in the Pacific North West, before a return to San Diego for the winter. In addition the Meyer was used to support the Dole Race in August 1927. This was an air race from the West Coast to Hawaii, but it went very badly, with ten people killed before or during the race and six aircraft written off.

In 1929 the Meyer and many of her Bethlehem build sisters were found to have badly decayed Yarrow boilers. On 15 May 1929 the Meyer was decommissioned. She was struck off on 25 November 1930 and sold for scrap on 25 February 1932.

Displacement (standard)


Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed

35.51kts at 24,890shp at 1,107t on trial (Preble)


2-shaft Westinghouse geared tubines
4 boilers
27,000shp (design)


2,500nm at 20kts (design)


314ft 4in


30ft 10.5in


Four 4in/ 50 guns
One 3in/23 AA gun
Twelve 21in torpedoes in four triple mountings
Two depth charge tracks
One Y-Gun depth charge projector

Crew complement



6 February 1919


17 December 1919

Struck off

25 November 1930

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