The wooden churches of Slovakia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The wooden churches of Slovakia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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In 2008, the UNESCO named Historical Heritage of Humanity to the impressive Wooden churches that we find in full Central Europe, more specifically in Slovakia, one of a kind and most surprising of all, is that almost all of them are in perfect condition.

Although we can find some more in other countries, in Slovakia we can see more than a dozen of them, being the country where they are grouped allowing to show incredible constructions medieval and modern but with the exception that they worked in wood.

Almost all date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and later rebuilt to perfection, imitating the previous building.

The best thing about this entire tour is that while we continue to be amazed by the impressive building, we slowly enter the churches and begin to see that inside, they are true museums, where we will appreciate all kinds of artworks.

Just by mentioning the altar Baroque that we can find in the All Saints Church, located in Turdossin I suppose that is enough, since they will be impressed to see the beauty that it presents.

Logically this is almost seen by those who have ever seen at least one of the altars built in this historical period, which are dazzling for their perfect workmanship of the materials and their enormous quality, in addition to the realism they present.

This is clear when we see that the Baroque It is a period in which the Church tries to reorganize and adapt to the new times, accepting, for example, the use of reason over faith in men.

Of course, no church would be such without the corresponding images, which is why you will marvel at the painting of Saint George that is in the mentioned church, dated in the year 1653.

We can also visit the Church of the Archangel San Miguel, is already built in the eighteenth century and is presented with the particularity of its construction, consisting of three naves where the perfect carving of wood amazes the few tourists who visit the region.

This church is located in the northeastern corner of Slovakia.

Here we only mention two of them, but there are several more to visit in different parts of the country and they really make up a beautiful and little-known landscape.

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