Biography of the goddess Diana (Artemis). Who was?

Biography of the goddess Diana (Artemis). Who was?

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Diana, whose name in Rome is Sagebrush, was the daughter of Zeus Y Leto, Y twin sister of Apollo, being one of the 12 major deities of Olympus.

It represents the young woman full of strength and health.

He was born in Delos where his mother, chased by Hera, found refuge and then assisted his mother in the delivery of his brother Apollo, later living in Arcadia where he was dedicated to hunting, with an entourage of 60 Oceanids and 20 Nymphs.

Participated in the fight against the Giants (Gigantomachy), killing one of them with the help of Hercules.

The children of Níobe, the Aloidas and demanded the sacrifice of Iphigenia to Agamemnon (although he saved her the moment she was going to be sacrificed). He fought on the side of the Trojans in the Trojan War.

He was worshiped throughout the Mediterranean and his most important sanctuary was in Ephesus, being represented with multiple breasts with which she nourished men and the earth.

In the rest of Greece and in Rome he was worshiped as hunter caste.

It is a lunar divinity (Complete the Triple Goddess with Selene and Hecate), and stands out for her vengeful character without being a goddess of revenge, but a goddess of Nature and therefore also a goddess of livestock and agriculture and protector of youth.

Some myths of Diana

He had a preference for Orion the one he accidentally injured, asking for help Asclepius he couldn't do anything. Therefore, the Goddess placed him among the stars.

Another version tells that, faced with the insolence of Orion who tried to seduce her, he sent a scorpion that killed him, putting Orion and the Scorpion that pursued him among the stars.

He also had sympathy for Hippolytus that was consecrated to her and made a vow of chastity. Jealous, Aphrodite sparked a passion for him in her stepmother Fedra, who spitefully denounced him before Theseus as wanting to seduce her, and the hero asked Poseidon to punish him.

As Hippolytus went near the sea in his chariot, a sea monster sent by Poseidon that, scaring the horses, caused them to kill Hipólito.

Diana made Asclepius resurrect him.

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