The 5 best beaches in Cancun

The 5 best beaches in Cancun

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Cancun is a Mexican city overlooking the Caribbean Sea, which in a few years underwent a brutal change, going from being a small town of sinners, surrounded by virgin jungle, one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.

Apart from the architectural vestiges of the Mayan cultureIts main tourist attraction is its more than 22 kilometers of coastal beaches. 22 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches, white coral sand and crystal clear waters.

From the distance, the clear waters take on an impressive shade of blue ranging from emerald to turquoise. If you are in love with the beach, look for flights to Cancun now, it is your destination. In this article we are going to reveal to you which are the best beaches in this wonderful corner of the world.

Chac Mool Beach

Located near several entertainment points such as Señor Frogs, Chan Mool beach is characterized by its spaciousness and the agitation of its waves. This beautiful beach is one of the most famous and receives thousands of tourists every year. As a curiosity, it is one of the few beaches on the Cancun coast that has a Mayan name.

Caracol Beach

Playa Caracol is the best choice if you are looking to relax. Secluded from all the parties and crowds, its shallow waters and fine coral sand make it an ideal place for couples and families. A place to let children play without worrying about the dangers of the sea.

Another attraction of this beach is the beautiful pier from where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.

Delfines Beach

Another of the wonderful beaches in Cancun is undoubtedly Playa Delfines. It has a large area of ​​white sand to relax on the sand and its strong waves make it an ideal spot for surfing. Another thing we like about this beach is that it is a beach very frequented by local people. Even if there are no large stores nearby, you will find many street stalls to try authentic Mexican food.

Tortugas Beach

Playa Tortugas is one of the busiest beaches in Cancun and the ideal place if you want a bit of partying. If you are one of those who do not know how to lie on the sand for more than half an hour, this beach is one of the best for practicing water sports activities such as snorkeling and swimming. In addition, there are volleyball fields to have a little game and lots of parties!

Langosta Beach

Playa Langosta is a very popular and familiar beach for its calm waters. Even though there is no surfing, you can practice other sports on the sand like soccer and volleyball, and even swim with dolphins!

This wonderful beach is located in front of Isla Mujeres, and has a small jetty where you can hire a transfer to the island, as well as other tours.

These are just some of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun. All the beaches of this spectacular Mexican coastline will surprise you and make you feel in paradise, so don't worry too much about which beach to visit. Take your flight to Cancun and enjoy the best vacations of your life.

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