Traditional ancient world sports

Traditional ancient world sports

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Sports they are activities that keep people happy and active. In recent years, extreme sports have attracted the attention of thousands, surpassing traditional sports and are frequently associated with adventure and danger. They are also defined as exclusive sports for adrenaline lovers, even classified as activities suitable for those who do not fear dying.

However, they are not activities that are only practiced today, since many people have always been fond of adrenaline, so they have only had one evolution. Next we will know some of them in this series of sports history.

Rock climbing

This activity represents an evolution of mountaineering. The first ascent was to Mont Blanc in 1786, by Dr. Gabriel Paccard and his guide Jacques Balmat. From then until the end of the 19th century it took place as the well-known golden age of mountaineering and different interests were combined around mountains for geographical, scientific and political purposes. But also, aristocrats sought recognition in conquering the highest peaks.

For its part, the evolution of climbing It has gone hand in hand with the conditioned materials for progression and safety in this activity, but the idea that only adventurous people could practice it always prevailed.

At first they used hemp ropes, then the Vibram rubber sole was introduced, allowing climbers to support their boots on tiny reliefs and resort to different techniques, finally, fixed or expansive insurance appeared, but this generated controversies as to the climbing ethics.

Today this sport is still practiced for adventure and risk purposes, but its concept differs from antiquity, since the teams are more oriented to the importance of not exposing the lives of those who develop it. In today's mountaineering, climbing harnesses have greater security features such as hipbelt, buckles, leg loops, belly ring, gear loops and anchor points for climbing walls. using the physical and mental strength of the person.

Camel jump

According to anthropologists, this custom is at least two thousand years old. But nevertheless, the men of the Zaraniq tribe, nomads of Yemen, they have revived it through an encounter in the desert.

Currently, the champions of each clan are famous for their speed, strength and courage and they train for months to defeat the rival groupHowever, they do not use any type of clothing for their execution. The sport consists of running and jumping over a row of camels. The winner is the one who manages to pass the most animals. The record is in jumping on five camels.

Purepecha ball

It is a Mexican tradition and it has opened the door to the world. It takes place on a court that measures 100 to 120 meters long and 6 to 8 meters wide. Each team consists of five players who carry a kind of stick in the shape of an "L".

It's made of wood and it's also big and sturdy so it won't break when you hit the ball.

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