2,200 pre-Inca objects found in Bolivia

2,200 pre-Inca objects found in Bolivia

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The state highway company of Bolivia found a total of 2,203 archaeological pieces from the pre-Inca period while paving a road in the Andes, reported Edwin Gonzales, manager of the company a few days ago.

He explained that the discovery occurred during the works of a road that connects Caracollo and Colquiri, between the departments of Oruro and La Paz.

“2,203 pieces of archaeological ceramic and lithic material were found - stone tools made from different types of rocks and minerals - among flakes and fragments of household, hunting and agricultural utensils,” said Gonzales.

He added that "1,945 ceramic fragments and 258 lithic pieces were delivered to authorities in the small village of Caracollo, through the environmental office of the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC)."

The first reports mention that part of the archaeological remains correspond to the pre-Inca period, between 1000 AD. and 1400 AD, but that also exist pieces from the colonial era and later.

They also identified some 25 «chullpas» or funerary towers, made of mud and straw, which pre-Columbian peoples used to bury people of royalty, military, religious or wealthy people.

Gonzales concluded by commenting that the archaeological material was in the hands of the municipal authorities of Caracollo so that "they can project a museum with the pieces found."

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